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BL8D is a magazine-researcher for creators that analyzes various culturological cliches and produces new semantic constructions based on them; those ones that are able to create an up-to-date fashion product.

Some people read our name as 'blood', 'blade', in Italy it has already been read twice as [blyat] which means “whore”…hahaha! But actually ['blu: d] - БЛУД.

Meandering, “a way of trouble”, something that you get into without hope of getting out, like wandering, a winding path. A wild mixture of thirst for perfection, belief in one's own superpowers, and self-flagellation.

['blu: d] is wandering in search of eternally elusive beauty, and also, — adultery, that is, indulging in sin, doing some kind of nonsense at the same time.

['blu: d] is often present in Slavic tales as an attempt to "to go somewhere I don't know where and bring something I don't know what"

BL8D is available for distribution internationally to independent bookshops, concept stores and art galleries.


Instagram: @bl8dbook

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